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Howdy, i'm Asaolu Elijah. amazing front-end developer, passionate about building solutions that works across multiple platforms with high accessibility approach.
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SayIt - Convert spoken words to text and easily share on social media.



List of the cool stuffs i do.

Over the years, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success.

Web Development

I develop different kind of website for both individuals and organizations with stunning interface and high accessibility.

Chat Bot Development

I build automation systems (chatbots) that works across various platforms including facebook, telegram, twitter and slack.

Mobile App Development

I create blazing mobile apps for android OS with stunning user interface and user experience.


Getting your business to show on search engine might be tricky, I can help get you or your business get on the first search result page with any keyword of your intrest.


See what i've built.

Here are some of the side projects i've built over the year

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Kesten is a virtual assistant that help you do task on the web faster and easier, Kesten also help you have fun while surfing the web

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Cryptocurrency Rates Calculator

A simple web app that lets you calculate how much a local currency is worth in any crypto-currency.

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QR-Code Generator

This app lets you convert text, links and messages to encrypted codes (Qr-codes)


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PL & Frameworks

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